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On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.
My band and I began playing in 1995, the entire band consisted of me, Bobbie"Mercy"Oliver and my drummer, Eddie Robbins.  We played for private parties, family reunions and where ever we could find an audience even if it meant playing outside on the carport.  Kenny Robbins, Eddie's brother just came and set up his bongo's, congo's and all his percussion instruments, thus it became a three piece band. My sister, Mary rejoined as bass guitarist., she was part of the band I had in Chicago in the sixties.  When she joined us that made four of us, one night after we had a dance at the Busy Bee, she informed me she no longer wanted to play bass, so, I said okay.  Mama, my wife, asked me what are you going to do?  I said, my music will go on and  Monday we went to Longview,Texas where I purchased a bass guitar at the pawn shop.  Mama asked whose's gonna play it, I said, it may be you and she responded by saying, you know  I am not musicaly inclined.  She suggested we stop by our sons home and ask him if he thought he could learn how to play the bass guitar.  When he saw the guitar he said, I can learn to play since he had played the trombone in the high school band.  I showed him a few bars and left the guitar with him and the next day  he came a running to let me hear what he had learned and he played with us until his wife no longer wanted him away from his family.  I asked my nephew if he wanted to play bass regularly with the band, that is how K.T. became our bassist and R&B man.  ** K. T. Turner, bassist and R&B man is playing with the band again, he's back with passion for the music. All the girls love him because he bears a big resemblance to Art Kelly.

Our Mission is to let the music world know that the Delta Blues sound is well and making a come back with its up dated versions of honky tonk harmonica blues and stepping... My main objective is to keep the music of such legends as Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Slim Harpo, Elmore James, Guitar Slim and Howling Wolf etched in the minds of the fans, along with my own gritty harmonica blues.  My new CD entitled Mississippi Mudd is the very essence of yesterdays gone by and modern blues and jazz.  I want to go down in history as a great blues musician and inventor. 

My recording studio  is here to serve  all of my musical needs since I have not been able to secure a recording contract with a major recording label.  I have and wil continue to produce music for other emerging artist.  I know from my own personal experiences how hard it is to succeed in the entertainment world, no matter how good an artist is, his first mission is to prove himself and be   the best performer he can be, also known as paying ones dues.

Our History

Our music has been taking our fans on exciting music escapades for several years. We understand the history of the blues and we want to share it with our fans, all we need now is our very own fan club**** 
This year we were unofficially named the best blues band in our home town, Marshall, Texas.  This is because we were the busiest band in this area and surrounding cities.  We have been selected to play for the Water Melon Festival in Hope, Arkansas for the third year. We will perform on the North East Texas Music Festival in Winnsboro, Texas for the third year and had the pleasure of opening for the renown Ricochet Band last year.  My bass player and drummer had the pleasure of sitting in for blues man Tommy McCoy.  We played for the first time at the Lone Star Motorcycle Rally in Galveston during the time when Hurricane Ivan was threatening to come ashore, he didn't, but Hurricane Bobbie"Mercy"Oliver landed like a  whirlwind with all his energy.
We had the most magical moments in Helena, Arkansa at the King Biscuit Festival where it rained us out on the Emerging Artist Patio.  Our key board player, Tim Harmon went in search of a place for us to showcase our talents.  He found two saloons and we evidently chose the best one, the Wild Hog Saloon where the owner made all emerging artis welcome.  We were honored with the priviledge of doing two full sets with our best renditions of the late great Jimmy Reed's tunes, per request, along with The Things I Used To Do, Mojo Working, Scratch My Back and Highway 61 by us.  We played many other songs but Jimmy Reed was the most requested.  Thank you, to the host and manager of the Hog Saloon.

Our Recreation Company * 2507 Holland Street, Marshall, Texas 75670