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We Be Jammin

Tommy's Bar-B-Q, Linden, Texas
Mercy &Jam City as it was then

Winnsboro City Park Auditorium
The band as it was at that time

 I want to telll my fans about my CD's entitled Mississippi Mudd, released in 2004 and Simply BobbieMay 2006..  The Cd'sare hot and doing very well at the present time.  They are getting a lot of air play on various radio stations such as Blues Radio UK ,  Australia WWOZ New Orleans, La, KBWC Radio Wiley College and others.  The Cd's contain both jazz and delta blues. They were self produced by Bobbie"Mercy" Oliver in his studio, "BMO Recording Studio in Marshall, Texas.   He has produced three CD'S all written, arranged and set to music by Bobbie"Mercy"Oliver.  Bobbie's web site has a link to WWOZ, The Terxas Music Office, The Coffee Cup and others.  You can activate his links by typing his name and search on Google or just the internet.  You can listen to all clips on  BuyMusicDirect.Com listed under Bobbie O or Bobbie Oliver.  I will keep all my fans posted as to what I am doing with the band on the web site.  The band members are Oran Gipson on bass ,and R&B, Lady G on vocals doing Blues and some R&B.  Lady G has been doing Gospel before trying her voice on blues & R&B. before hooking up with the Jam City Revue band and Bobbie"Mercy"Oliver.  Booker Carpenter on drums, he has played for over twenty years beginning at  H. B. Pemberton High School  with the band.  Our key board player is Wesley Patton a well known musician with quality years performing solo and with  singers such as Luther Vandross and other well known musicians.  The latter two members are enjoying new fame with the blues. As of this moment we are searching for a really good bass player in or near the Marshall, Texas area because Oran is a lead guitarist and our studio musician.



Ramona with Al Jureau
Ramon Smith, fellow musician & dear friend

Young Man
Mercy posing in his studio

We werte looking for a drummer@ that time

Looking Spiffy
Lady Phatt Kat Faye and Bobbie Oliver The Creator


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at our photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!
We will post more photo's as we take them at other gigs.
Be alert and watching for a photo of our fantastic drummer B. T. Carpenter, guess what he has soul and he sings.