Bobbie Mercy Oliver &Jam City Revue Band

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The Chance Of A Lifetime!!!!
To be asked to open the First Annual T-Bone Walker Blues festival because  I am a native of Cass County and to be invited back for two shows in June 2007.

Every blues musician should have the opportunity to play in the great blues state of Mississippi. There are many professsional musicians there and I, Bobbie Mercy Oliver, had the chance of a life-time sitting in with reknown guitarist & musician, "Jesse Robinson" at famous Hal & Mals Red Room Club in Jackson, Mississippi on May 25, 2006.  Chicago Illinois was well represented with pros and naturally the stae of Mississippi was well represented..

Up date on our lead guitarist, Val Laughlin, retired  Lieutenant Colonel, US Air Force.  Val departed this life on Thursday May 18, 2006.  We are deeply saddened by his demise but his spirit shall be with us forever.  We have lost a member of the Bobbie Mercy Oliver & Jam City Revue band and a valued friend whom Mom Oliver called her son since losing her oldest son in May 2001.  Val and his family know how much he meant to us and how much we meant to him. He is a permanent member of the Jam City Revue band. We will see him in the here after.  Love Ya, Val.