Bobbie Mercy Oliver &Jam City Revue Band

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Jam City Revue with new bass man, Garry
Garry, Lady-G, Booker and Mercy

Martini Glass, Tumbling

Mom, Cat (Bassman's financee), Garry, & Lady-G
Just Clowning

Click on this link and look under tourism and click on music and museums **Entertaimnent world has lost legendary DJ/Television icon, W. A. "Big Daddy" Griffin" Big Daddy took us on tour to Mississippi and named my CD, Mississippi Mudd, we owe him for getting us started in Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas. Bobbie Mercy Oliver was invited to Jackson, Mississippi to Music Legend, Jessie Robinson's Birthday Bash on May 25, 2006 at Hal & Mals Restaurant and Red Room Club. Bobbie played with Jesse, Dr. Sanders, Austin & Kirk Neill, he was in music heaven to be with all those professional musicians from all over Mississippi and all the way from Chicago, Illinois where he once played the Chitlin Scenes in the 60's & early seventies. Thank you, Jesse Robinson. The News Messenger has recently given Bobbie Mercy Oliver a new title, TEXAS BLUES KING.

T-Bone Walker WE ARE NO LONGER LOOKING FOR GOOD BASS PLAYER IN OR NEAR THE MARSHALL, TEXAS AREA. We have the best, GARRY McLEAN, well known for his travels playing across the USA and CANADA.

A Blues Note
Blue Glass Spinning Musical Note
Can You Dance To My Beat?





Blue Glass Spinning Musical Note

This band is registered with the Texas Music Office* Office of the Governor:  or

A toast to you
Martini Glass, Filling
Bobbie Mercy Oliver

Blue Glass Spinning Musical Note



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